Truman Capote Linocut Print

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”

-Truman Capote

Outspoken artist, tenacious lover, self-evolved and self-destructive. Words that can only describe one of the most well-known openly gay artists of our time. He was unafraid to be who he wanted and do what he wanted. From a bouncing career in writing, acting, modeling, and more – to a battle with addiction and reflection.

Capote wrote some of the most celebrated and studied artistic works of his time that still grace the big screen and bookstore shelf. This gift can only be for the fearless writer, reader, and artist who seeks to tell the world exactly how they see it. Whether the world likes it or not. 

image size: 5½"  X 6¾"

paper size: 7½" X 10"

Handpulled linocut print, signed by artist, water-based inks, 100% heavy, cotton paper

Print backed with firm acid free cardstock and in a sealed cello-bag

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Type: Art Prints

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