Faulkner's Cotton Linocut Print

“The cotton was open and spilling into the fields; the very air smelled of it. In field after field as he passed along the pickers, arrested in stooping attitudes, seemed fixed amid the constant surf of bursting bolls like piles in surf, the long, partly-filled sacks streaming away behind them like rigid frozen flags. The air was hot, vivid and breathless--a final fierce concentration of the doomed and dying summer” – William Faulkner.

His incredible grasp of the world around him and the detail with which he spoke teaches us all to revel in the world and the little things that make us human. This beautiful gold linocut print, created with water/soy based inks, brings this moment to life.

image size: 4"  X 3½ "

paper size: 6 ¼ " x 5"

Handpulled linocut print, signed by artist, water-based inks, 100% heavy, cotton paper

Print backed with firm acid free cardstock and in a sealed cello-bag

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Type: Art Prints

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