About us

Greetings! I’m Sally Busby, and I am an English teacher, reader, and artist. I create art and bookish accessories for avid readers.

I started East Grove Studio with the singular inspiration to connect readers to authors in the most unique and creatively artistic way possible. I hope your journey here will make you fall irrevocably in love with English literature the same way I did. Welcome to the East Grove Studio Community!




The Process
To create a linocut work of art is no easy task. It requires patience, practice, and a steady touch. An entire piece of work can be ruined with one slip of the hand.

With 18 different gouges and 2-8 hours, I carefully create what I call a negative linoleum material. I call it a negative because what I carve is actually the mirror image of the print you receive at your door. Once carved, inked (with soy or water based ink), and stamped onto the canvas, the print will take three full days to completely dry. Then, if a particular art work requires, it’s ready to be carefully detailed with watercolors.