Nine Gifts Tom Sawyer Would Be Likely to Give

September 06, 2017

Nine Gifts Tom Sawyer Would Be Likely to Give

1. Tom asked Becky if she liked rats. Here's a gift he might give her. Rat ring

2. Maybe a cave triptych for Becky or Huck? 

3. This looks like a great lantern to help Huck follow Injun Joe. 

4. Maybe Tom could give this necklace to Becky to commemorate his court testimony based on the time he and Huck spent in the graveyard.

5. Next time Tom gives the "gift" of fence painting to his friends, he could keep up with the boys who want to paint using this clipboard. 

6. Well, Tom and Joe didn't enjoy smoking, but Huck sure would enjoy a pipe. Joe might enjoy a tobacco-scented candle

7. He and Huck will never forget their adventures on the river with this canoe decoration

8. Maybe this whiskey barrel planter will assuage Huck's need for sleeping in barrels and being on the out-skirts of society?

9. Here're two gifts for the adults in Tom's life:

Fishing set for Muff Potter and decanter set for Pap 

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