Five Things You Didn’t Know About Author Edgar Allan Poe

September 23, 2016

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Author Edgar Allan Poe

One of the great American mystery writers, Edgar Allen Poe is favored by young and old alike. His poems, short stories, and other works are among the darkest of his time, and yet he is adored universally. Let’s consider some of the most fascinating facts about this timeless author.

He was a Big Fan of Cats

Don’t be fooled by his piece “The Black Cat” which involves a rather graphic scene of violence toward a cat. Poe loved cats. He had a cat named Catterina. In fact, Poe and Catterina are said to have died on the same day though they had been separated at the time. He is often depicted as writing with a cat sitting on his shoulder.

He Invented an Entire Genre of Writing

Many of Poe’s stories would fall into the category of mystery or detective stories. He’s considered the inventor of this type of story, for which we are ever so grateful. Of course, Poe invented a lot of things like the word tintinnabulation. He made that word up for “The Bells,” a poem in which he uses the made up word to invoke the idea of bells ringing.

He Went Toe to Toe with Other Famous Authors

Poe underwent disputes of plagiarism with both Henry Wadsworth and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Poe Was Nothing Like the Image Most People Have of Him

After Poe had died, Rufus Griswold took it upon himself to write a fictitious obituary about his rival. As a result, most people today think of Poe as a drunkard and drug addict. Poe’s friends vehemently decried the obituary as slanderous. Being such a prolific writer left Poe with little time to drink. And he admitted to once taking an opiate, getting sick, and swearing off drugs.

His Death Is Shrouded in as Much Mystery as One of His Stories

If you think there are a lot of conspiracy theories about the death of Elvis or JFK, Google the death of Poe. He died at just 40 years of age after going missing for several days. One of the foremost theories was that he was abducted, forced to drink until intoxication, and then made to vote multiple times in an election. This shady practice was common in the 1800s, and it would explain why he was found in a tavern that was also used for the polls.

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