Using Bookshelves to Decorate Your Home

September 23, 2016

Using Bookshelves to Decorate Your Home

Bookshelves—An Opportunity to Display Your Artistic Side

A bookshelf can really be a way to express oneself artistically while also showing off your taste in fine literature. Here are some suggestions on ways to let your creative side come out when decorating a bookshelf and create unique home decoration.

Make the Books Stand Out

One way to make your book collection the centerpiece is to have the bookshelf and wall painted the same color. This will put all of the focus on your books.

Display Artwork at Eye Level

A living room bookcase gives you a unique opportunity to display some art on one of the shelves. Since art should always be at eye level, and the living room is primarily for sitting, you can use a bookshelf that is at eye level to provide artwork for seated guests—something that would look odd if you tried to do the same thing on a wall.

Black and White Art Creates Contrast

The covers of books are often very colorful. You can create a nice contrast and help both your books and art to stand out if the art pieces on the walls near your bookshelves are black and white.

Display Your Favorite Authors

A way to display a favorite author proudly might be to set aside an entire shelf for books by the same person accompanied by artwork related to one of the author’s books or perhaps a print of the author himself. In this way, you commemorate several of your favorite authors and give them their own little monuments in your personal library.
Speaking of author prints, don’t forget to check out the shop for literature related prints. You may find just what you need to add a nice touch to your library. Writing is art, so having two art forms displayed side by side just feels natural, and it can look attractive as well when done properly.