Sally Busby created East Grove Studio in 2016 in order to honor authors and celebrate the book.

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"Bibliophile and artist Sally Busby of East Grove Studio creates beautiful linocut portraits of a number of classic authors. "
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Parchment Girl - October 26, 2016
"The products range greatly in price, so there is something for every budget. Celebrate your love of art and literature all in one go. The chaotic energy of the faces in these prints really speaks to me."
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"According to the artist, teaching 7th grade English allows her to remember the awe she felt when first introduced to classic literature and authors as a child. She then uses that memory to produce her linocuts and prints. “Each year I find new favorite lines in these books from the classic canon,” she says. “These lines and characters support me at my lowest, add joy to my life, and give richness and depth to my life. These authors give us so much.”"
"Linocut Legends"
Sally Busby
artist and book reader
I am a mother, wife, artist and teacher. I am most passionate about family, books, art, tea, and connection. I love hand-carving linoleum to create hand-burnished and pulled prints of authors faces. By carefully pairing those prints with quotes from the author, I am able to offer bookish gifts and art that are full of life and character.
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"Searching for the perfect gift for a bibliophile? Our gift guide is PACKED with gift ideas for those who love books and libraries! Whether you're on the hunt for a Christmas gift, birthday present, or something special to give a recent grad, we've got you covered. "
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"Of course, postcards don’t need to just be for sending to others. Postcards make for great decor. Scoop up some inexpensive picture frames and insert your favorite postcards for instant wall art for a small amount of money and effort. Check out these sweet literary postcards to share or save for yourself."
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"The literary kitchen magnet that keeps important daily reminders always in view is a refreshingly new idea for a bookish gift. Especially, when the magnet is as stunningly designed as the ones from East Grove Studio. Each one features a quote from a famous author and a beautifully crafted portrait. You can buy the magnets separately, but there is also a set of five, which I strongly recommend."
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